Helios- Denver, CO

Helios- Denver, CO

Teal Aquatherm applies the traditional Teal concepts of vertical hot water management to a system that combines hydronic space heat + domestic hot water by utilizing a shared boiler equipment package and shared hot water distribution piping.

The Teal Aquatherm utilizes a hot water fan coil and pump similar to the traditional Aquatherm system but eliminates the large gas fired water heaters in the apartment and relies on the Teal Equipment package located in a central boiler room to generate all the hot water for the property, the hot water is then piped throughout the property through a hot water main (or mains). When there is a demand for heat in an apartment the small pump draws water from the hot water main to the heater fan coil, likewise when a resident opens a tap at the sink or shower there is an unlimited supply of hot water in the main waiting to flow to the apartment’s faucets.

The water heater in each apartment is eliminated and replaced with a “zero-down-time” gas hot water system. The system is large enough to supply unlimited hot water to the entire property.   The residents never run out of hot water.

The Teal System equipment is maintained by Boiler Management Ltd (BML). The developer does not have water heaters to purchase, and there are no maintenance costs during the 15-year term of the agreement. The lease cost for this equipment is only $500 per year, which covers the entire property.

The resident pays for his gas consumption and a small boiler maintenance fee.  Both fees are added to the resident’s monthly water bill.  The fee is more than offset by the savings realized from using the highly efficient Teal System in lieu of individual water heaters with metered gas to each apartment. The result becomes net savings to the resident, and virtually no costs to the owner.

The Teal Aquatherm system should be considered in climates where gas space heat is desirable. Teal Aquatherm is an alternative to Traditional Aquatherm

Traditional Aquatherm systems which combine an oversized gas fired water heater, hot water fan coil and pump in each apartment.

The Teal Aquatherm bundles 7 elements of vertical hot water management:

  1. Design Collaboration
  2. Construction Management Partnering
  3. Leasing and Billing Support
  4. No Worry, All Inclusive Maintenance
  5. Environmentally Friendly Energy Management
  6. IOT Monitoring- 99.999% Up-time
  7. State-of-the-Art Equipment

Benefits to the Property Owner

Property owners enjoy the benefits of lower costs, higher profits, and fewer problems with the Teal System.

Lower Construction Costs

Because the Teal System is centralized, the costs associated with installing individual water heaters are eliminated. With Teal, there is no cost for purchasing the water heaters themselves or installing the plumbing and trim. While additional hot water piping and equipment are required to install the Teal Aquatherm, the overall construction cost is lower than for traditional water heats and the gas infrastructure and flue gas venting are eliminated from each apartment.

Lower Operating Costs

With Teal, the property owner incurs no cost for water heater or boiler maintenance. Additionally, the owner avoids potential property damage from water heaters that leak or fail catastrophically. The System’s conditioned water is easy on pipes and fixtures, eliminating repairs from damage caused by hard water. The gas piping and flue gas venting is eliminated from the residents unit providing a more spacious and safer environment for the resident.

Improved Profit, NOI, and ROI

Lower operating costs and better leasing performance improve net operating income (NOI). Lower construction costs and higher NOI improve return on investment (ROI).

Benefits to the Resident

Residents love the cost savings, luxury, and convenience the Teal hot water system offers. They also appreciate that it is environmentally friendly.

The Teal system can save the resident up to 20% in energy costs.

Teal accomplish this in the following ways,

  • All systems utilize a highly efficient central boiler system in lieu of less efficient high volume water heaters
  • We provide and 24/365 monitoring and energy management logic with each systems
  • Each Teal system includes perpetual maintenance making sure the hot water system is functioning at peak performance all the time
  • The Teal system reduces the stand by energy loss created with water heaters which store 60 to 80 gallons of hot water each ( a 300 unit apartment with 60 gallon water heaters has 18,000 gallons of hot water standing dormant and loosing energy 24 hours every day)

Luxury of Unlimited Hot Water

Residents value the luxury of never running out of hot water. Whether they are filling roman tubs or running showers, laundry, and dishes at the same time, the hot water keeps flowing.  The water is conditioned, as well, so it is easy on appliances, clothing, and dishes.

More Usable Space

Space that would have housed the ugly water heater turns into usable square footage in every residence – the water heater closet is now a coat closet! Because there is no water heater in the resident’s unit, there is one less reason for maintenance intrusions into the resident’s space and no water heater to leak and damage property.


Traditional high capacity water heaters utilize over 150 pounds of steal and material to construct and may be installed and replaced 3 or more times over the life span of the Teal equipment, these water heaters would require more than 135,000 pounds of material which would then be disposed or recycled, this compares to the Teal System which will utilize less than 30,000 pounds (75% less) material and can last 20 to 30 years. In addition the Teal System uses less energy and will emit lower emissions that traditional water heaters.