If I don't have a water heater, where does my hot water come from?
We install a hot water system in a central location on your property. The system is large and will provide more than enough hot water for all the residents all the time. We pump the hot water through a piping system which delivers it to each unit.


Why do I pay a boiler management fee?
All the benefits of the Teal System are included in your Boiler Mgt Fee. Some of these benefits are reduced energy cost, unlimited hot water, zero downtime and soft or conditioned hot water. Click to learn more.


How does the Teal System save me money?
The Teal System reduces energy costs by using a very efficient natural gas system to heat your water. Click on RESIDENT SAVINGS link to see the average savings at your Teal System property.


Who do I pay?
The BOILER MANAGEMENT FEE is billed as a separate item on your water and gas bill.


What is conditioned water?
Conditioned water indicates that the calcium content of the water low. Conditioned water can occur naturally or calcium can be removed through a process called softening. Conditioned water provides more luxurious bathing and reduces the crusty calcium build-up on appliances, plumbing fixtures and showers.


Why is the Teal System better than a water heater?
The primary advantages are you; can never run out of hot water, your energy costs are lower, your hot water is soft or conditioned and the Teal System is environmentally friendly.


Why am I charged for natural gas?
We use an energy efficient natural gas system to heat your hot water so you receive a bill for your allocation of natural gas usage. Using natural gas as an energy source generally results in substantial savings when compared to standard electric water heaters. Click RESIDENT SAVINGS to see the average savings for your Teal System property.