With the Teal system your residents will enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of luxurious, conditioned, hot water. The Teal System at your property will be owned and completely maintained by Boiler Management Ltd., you will increase property equity and dramatically reduce operating expenses by eliminating all the cost and headaches associated with the maintenance of your hot water equipment. In addition, you will deliver savings and a higher quality product to your residents.

The electric water heater in each apartment or condo will be eliminated, and replaced with the Teal System, a "Zero Down Time" central, gas hot water system, which is large enough to supply hot water to the entire property. The resident will pay for gas consumption and a small Boiler Management Fee that is added to each resident's monthly water bill. This cost is more than offset by the energy savings realized from using the energy efficient, gas powered Teal System in lieu of electric water heat. The Teal System is the HOT WATER THAT NEVER RUNS OUT here are some of the benefits of the Teal System.

  • Your G&A Maintenance expense for water heaters will be $0.00 because we own and maintain your hot water equipment. Our ZERO Down Time design and Predictive Maintenance Program insure that all of your residents will have unlimited hot water all the time - your operating bottom line just got better!
  • We eliminate the water heaters and you don't have to purchase The Teal System equipment, as a result construction costs are dramatically reduced - your cost per square foot just went down! Click to see Cost Savings Estimate
  • The elimination of maintenance from the management company's budget creates a huge savings - increased profits translate to increases property equity! - Click to see Cost Savings Estimate
  • We solve the problem of "not enough hot water" by providing unlimited hot water to each unit
  • The Teal System uses energy efficient natural gas, state of the art equipment and sophisticated energy management controls, reducing the resident's energy cost every month - anyone can log into the resident section of our website and view the true average monthly savings for a resident at his or her property Click to see Resident Savings
  • The Teal System removes the ugly water heater from the unit giving usable square footage, closet or utility space back to the resident
  • The Teal System uses environmentally friendly Low NOx equipment on every project
  • With the Teal System all the hot water is conditioned, reducing calcium build-up and extending the life of appliances and enhancing the appearance of fixtures.
  • The Teal System "Zero Down Time" Commitment -Click About Maintenance to learn more