Our ZERO Down Time Commitment

As property managers know, all residents expect to have hot water ALL THE TIME. We understand, and we are able to deliver thanks to our ZERO Down Time Commitment which includes:

  • Automatic back up and redundancy for boilers and controls.
  • Predictive maintenance instead of preventive maintenance. A Teal System Technician regularly inspects over 100 vital points in the system. These regular assessments allow the technician to predict which parts are more likely to fail and replace them before problems emerge.
  • An Energy Management Control remotely monitors your system 24/7 for variances that will signal problems before they occur.
  • Our Fault Failure Alarm monitors the function of each boiler and immediately notifies an assigned technician if a malfunction should ever occur. While our technicians assess and correct any problem the back system takes over, so there is always plenty of hot water.