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Resident System Overview

The Teal System is the highest quality hot water system a developer can offer its residents.

Builder/Developer System Overview

The Teal System provides the ultimate in hot water for multifamily developers.

Property Management System Overview

With the Teal system your residents will enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of hot water.

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Maintenance Cost


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Why Choose Us

The Teal System will dramatically cut construction and operating cost while delivering your residents a higher quality hot water.


How does the Teal System save me money?

The Teal System reduces energy costs by using a very efficient natural gas system to heat your water. Click on THE RESIDENT SAVES link to see the average savings at your Teal System property.

Why is the Teal System better than a water heater?

The primary advantages are you; can never run out of hot water, your energy costs are lower, your hot water is soft or conditioned and the Teal System is Environmentally friendly . Click RESIDENT to learn more.

I am worried about the Teal System going down and the whole property being out of hot water.

Remember our ZERO Downtime Commitment and look at our success rate on this HOME page. See below “What does ZERO Downtime really mean”. Don’t worry your hot water system is a Teal System.

Who maintains the equipment?

Through our ZERO Downtime Commitment, we are responsible for all maintenance and system monitoring. We also maintain the Teal System water softener and supply all the necessary salt and resin. All these costs are covered as part of the low boiler management fee which is included in the resident’s water and gas bill.

Boiler Management Ltd. remains committed to our promise of delivering an unlimited ZERO downtime hot water system while lowering your construction and operating costs.